Infosys Story

INFOSYS: Story Of The Rise Of The Tech Giant In India

Infosys is a journey of Seven software engineers who see the future of the IT sector in the year 1981 and dream to make an impression in the IT sector of American Market at that time when the max population of India didn’t know about the IT market that became the IT Giant of India with Rs 277,184.09 Cr. Market capitalization providing work to 243,453 People worldwide.

They saw the future of the IT market and started to work day and night, even when there was a nonexistent customer in India.

Infosys ups and downs

It took approximately 2 years to find the 1st client of Infosys, i.e Data Basics Corporation from the United States. After giving so much effort, Infosys finally made a joint venture with Kurt Salmon Associates.

Infosys also uses the same process that L&T(Larsen and Toubro) and many companies use to capture the market with the help of others.

But the Joint venture collapsed in 1989. It gave the firm a hard blow which led to quitting the partner Ashok Arora from Infosys.

But this Failure didn’t tremble Mr. Murthy and their other partner. It shows the persistence of the founder, who did not quit Infosys even after having some failures and hardships in their way. This began to germinate the seeds of the extensive growth of Infosys in the future.

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Before the failure, Infosys made an Impression in the United State Market by developing software for customers in the US. It helped them in the future due to the valuable product made by Infosys.

It shows the power of value which can turn the table. Infosys use a low-risk method giving more value for money. With a high degree of cost and time predictability to accelerate the work plan was the strategy of Infosys to capture the market. That helped their customer to reduce the cycle time in designing and implementing the new system.

Infosys became the first Indian company listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange in 1999. Thus, if you want to be successful in the market, then your name must be in that market which will lead to the recognition of your brand among the investors and potential clients.

That’s why Infosys also listed in NYSE Euronext with shifting some share from Nasdaq which gives Infosys a better recognition as a brand among the potential customer and the Investors of EUROPE which is the largest market in IT sector after the United State of America.

Digital era, which we can’t imagine without the contribution of IT sectors, it has opened some unique areas like cloud computing and analytics. Therefore, the IT giant wants to make it a billion-dollar business unit.


The path to success can not be cover in one night. It takes some time. In the initial phase, you do a lot of mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. So, it will not happen in the future.

You can get success in any field by consistency, hard work, and perseverance. These three are the main reasons behind the success of any firm.

There are some line which Mr. Narayana Murthy’s always speaks during the interview for success are given below:-

Simplify products and services for your customer: Innovate your products with the combination of art and science.

Openness to take an idea from others, even if you are big: New idea gives wings to your firm and keep you ahead in competition.

Speed to do the work faster than yesterday: Build processes and systems to speed up.

Imagination to bring better innovation and better ideas to the table.

Execution of your idea with excellence, where many people fail:   Test your idea to reality and find the solution to the problems you faced while testing.

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