ISRO helping Indian Startup Business

ISRO Helping The Indian Startups Business To Young Entrepreneurs

Corona-virus Pandemic makes India’s ISRO unleash its inner energy by opening space exploration for the startups and private players. Thus we are going to see some major reforms in the Space Technology sectors of India, where the private sector is discouraged to grow due to the fear of misuse of sensitive and confidential data falling into the wrong hand. 

The Finance Minister Of India Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Government of India told the ISRO to give access and supports to the Startups and Private firms in India for use of Geospatial data and testing facilities. According to the interview given by The Gaitway House Scholar Chaitanya Giri:- “It is the single biggest reform in India’s Space Programme”.

Forbes releases an article in June 2019 stating, Space Technology is emerging in India due to the new innovation which made to fall the cost of equipment used in this sector. But the startups and Private firms in India were not able to access the data and testing facilities which is a major setback for the Private players.

Apart from the difficulty in the segment, there are approximately 120 active startups are working In the space technology in India according to the DataLabs by Inc42. Most of the startups emerged in or after 2014 due to the biggest revolution in the Telecommunication Industry of India which provides good internet speed data at low Prices. India is also self-dependent in the IT Sector and a major exporter of IT products and services at nominal prices in all over the world.

Nowadays IT giants of India want to support and provide funds for new Startups, we can see them coming forward for the support of the Indian economy in this tough situation due to Pandemic caused by Coronavirus. Exploration has been completely in the domain of the department of the space agency ISRO.

That’s why Indian companies didn’t build up a camera, instrument, lander, or rover related to space exploration. Unless you go ahead and become an original and specialized manufacturer of equipment used in rockets and satellites, you are not a part of this sector.

But due to sheer determination, some space-related startup are formed in India these are rocket technology venture Bellatrix, Satellite maker Dhruva space, and Team Indus.

Few startups also started to provide space as a service like kawa space.  “As organizational decisions increasingly become more data-driven, businesses need to ensure decisions are made with the most accurate data. That explains why so many organizations have made data collection and analysis a strategic and organizational priority and recognize data as a mission-critical asset to manage.”Harvard Business Review

Indian Startups look for the Geospatial data of India for the following reason:-

  • Working in the irrigation department of the agriculture sector.
  • Development of the area where natural disasters occur like flood and drought-prone area.
  • Development in the health care system of India.
  • Groundwater study.
  • For observation and analysis of Earth.
  • For enhancing the quality of products and services.

But that remained untouched because they didn’t get the data and support from the ISRO, a government-owned company of India. Now Indian startup and private firms can get Geospatial data with coordinates and timestamps to study the problem accurately and decides to make their products and services according to the data.

The Government Of India also told ISRO to provide their testing facilities which make these projects cheaper for the Indian startup. Thus, it enhances the efficiency of products and services of Indian firms and startup.  Therefore now, the door is open for all the startups and Private players waiting for the time to enter the untouched market.

The startup brings Cost savings, emergency responders, better communication, Geographical management in India with the unique idea of the new generation. Therefore having access to valuable data and testing centers for their product and services, we can see the bright future of startups related to space exploration and geospatial data for making their product is bright.

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