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Learn The Idea Of Waste Management From Saahas Zero Waste Startup In India

Let’s talk about some data and facts about waste management, which most people of India don’t know about the waste material produced in India. India generates approximately 63 million tonnes of waste each year, and by 2050 India is going to produce about 3.4 billion tonnes of waste per annum.

Previously Government and Municipal corporations disposed of the waste to landfills in India, which possessed a threat to the environment in India.

These toxic and harmful waste materials dissolve in our water bodies and make groundwater poisonous, which is unfit for drinking to the people living in India. The land used for dumping waste becomes unfit for agriculture and spread life-threatening diseases in the nearby area.

We are going to talk about a startup idea of Wilma Rodrigues which harness the unexplored waste management market. While working as a journalist, she saw the problem of India due to the waste material. During those days most of the people in India had been thinking that solving problems related to waste material is a government job.

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She also saw the opportunity in the waste management market and started a startup in the waste management market to make money from it apart from helping the environment. Saahas Zero waste formed as a Startup and become an organization that has a total revenue of RS 4,73,67,319 of date 31st march 2019.

Reform In Government Policy

In the last two decades, the Indian government has been started to frame Laws related to plastic waste and electronic waste. The introduction of the Municipal Solid Waste Rules in 2000 started the journey of Wilma Rodrigues for the startup business of waste material management in India.

With the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for electronic waste and plastic waste produced by the company in India, facilitated a reverse collection mechanism to recycle the electronic and plastic waste at the end of life. It gives wings to the Startup in India related to waste management.


Saahas zero waste, the startup came forward with a vision to create a zero-waste world through a circular economy. The Startup Saahas Zero Waste started to grow when it circles the waste back into the system to recover it and utilize the resources embedded in the waste.

They started to provide the solution in India to the manufactures and big brands for reverse logistics of the E-waste produced by their product at the end of its life.

Waste Management
Waste Management

The startup becomes a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for E-Waste by Central Pollution Control Board. The Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) gives them the recognition of waste collection agencies certified by the government.

In the corporate world sometimes you need to show a valid certificate by the government as an authentication proof which helps you to grow the startup business and stand you in a unique line. Hence the corporate company recognizes you as a trustful startup company.

Categories of waste

According to the Saahas zero waste website, the Startup which becomes a company is currently working with two Categories of waste, which are mostly Plastic waste and Electronic waste. First, let’s know some fact about this waste:-

Plastic Waste:

An article in The Economics Times Of India shows that India generates approximately 26 K Tonnes of Plastic every day. Most of the Plastic comes from the online delivery platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Half of the generated Plastic is not collected which means it is disposed to fill the land.

Electronic waste:

It is expected that India will nearly generate 50 Lakh tonnes of E-Waste by 2020. These electronic Products contain some precious metals Like Gold, copper, and Silver. However, It also contains some highly toxic materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

Exposure of these materials with the human body leads to cancer. E-waste also contaminates the groundwater when it came in contact with water bodies and rainwater.

Working Procedure

From the above line, we know that waste is a threat to the environment. But it also provides an opportunity when we find the solution which also helps our environment and monetize the opportunity from implementing the solution of waste material management for the Corporate world.

Saahas Zero Waste started to contact the Corporates, Institutions, and the Tech park with an Idea of the waste management system. The Idea provides them a complete end to end solution for all the kind of waste generated in their campus or office premises.

This Idea helps the tech park and corporate world of India to achieve the sustainability goal. And now, corporate, institutions and tech park becomes their major client providing work to them.

Dry Waste:

They take the dry waste to their recovery facility after collecting it from the Tech park and corporate world. The Recovery Facility is a mechanized processing factory that only focuses on recovering the resources from the dry waste completely.

They segregate the recovered resources into 20 categories which helped them easy access to store the resources and sent it to the authorized end destination. At the end destination, it is recycled and transformed into products like Beg, Bell, Sheet, Paper, pen Roofing sheets, and many more items that are for sale in the market.

Wet Waste:

And second, the end destination for their wet waste materials is their processing unit, where they convert the wet waste material into the end product as compost and biogas.

They use the biogas generated by them from the unit for running the collection vehicle of garbage and sent the manure into agricultural land.

Future Of SAAHAS ZERO WASTE In Waste Management

  • The next step of any well-established startups and companies is to extend its limit to provide the new products and services. It helps the startup to diversify its business which Saahas zero waste did. It started to provide awareness training programs about the importance of sustainable waste disposal management and the best practices to ensure its effective adoption, which minimizes the carbon footprint on the earth.
  • Due to the rapid increase of population and urbanization lead to a boom in the Construction Industry of India. We can see the growth of some construction giant like Larsen And Toubro (L&T). It is assumed that in the year 2020 India approximately produce 287 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste per annum. Therefore by developing a good understanding of the construction waste management, Saahas Zero waste started to provide waste management solutions regarding construction waste.
Earn from Waste Management
Money From Waste

Therefore, we can say that Saahas zero waste is an organization creating money from waste. According to the balance sheet, the total income and expenditure of Saahas zero waste are RS 4,73,67,319 of date 31st march 2019. These types of startup help us to clean the environment and creating jobs for the local people of India.

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