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Best Venture Capital To Fund Your Startup In India

Those days were gone when the local and young entrepreneurs of India were quitting their Idea to start a startup. India has emerged as a startup hub for the world. we have seen many entrepreneurs, who want to change India and provide a better future for people. We have many Tech giants and Construction giants, which has started to explore the Indian market.

After globalization, India opens as a market for the world but our young entrepreneurs failed to capture the Indian market due to lack of education, infrastructure, electricity, and government policies, which demotivated the startups.

But now the time is changing and the government of India also learned the lesson from its previous mistakes. India started to improve its policies to attract the investor.

Successfully, foreign venture capital saw the opportunity in India, and many Indian venture capitals also founded and emerged in India, which started to provide funds for Indian Startup. The future of Indian startups is bright due to a large number of opportunities and many great names came forward to support the startups like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, etc.

Now the Startups are getting early funds from the Venture capital to grow and harness the valuable Indian market.

Let’s talk about some top venture capital firms, which want to fund your startup in India.

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Matrix Partner India

Asset under management:- $1 Billion in India and $4 Billion worldwide.

Number of Startups funded:-100

Number of lead investment:- 51 Startup

Number of Exits:-9 Startup

Sector:- Consumer technology, B2B, Enterprise, Fintech, etc.

Matrix Partner India:-Matrix Partners was started in Boston in the year 1977, and today the venture invests actively in startups of the USA, India, and China. Matrix Partners India was established in the year 2006 by Avnish Bajaj and Rishi Navani.Criteria for Funding Startups:-The venture is looking for the best and brightest founders and teams of the startup. You must have quality, passion, and commitment towards your startup. Reach to the venture as early as possible. They want to know the Startup early, as the venture invests between seed and Series B.Your startup needs to primarily target the Indian Market. They prefer to be the lead investor in your startup.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Anaek, Avail, Champk12, Chumbk,, Cloudnine, Creditvidya, Dailyhunt, and many more.

Nexus Venture Partners

Asset Under Management:- $1.5 billion.

Number Of Startup Funded:-90+

Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital firm in California founded in the year 2006 by Naren Gupta, Sandeep Singhal, and Suvir Sujan. The firm focuses on seed, Startup, and early-stage investments and invest in early-stage ventures, seed, series A, series-B, Series-C Round. The Footprint of the company is in India and the USA.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Pratilipi, Postman, Pubmatic, Delhivery, Rancher, Snapdeal, Rapido, Zolo, Zomato, and many more.


Number of company-funded:- 1412

Number of lead investment in Startup:- 536 Startup

Number of Exits:-292 companies

Sector:- Consumer Tech, Infrastructure, Media, Mobile, Saas, Security, and Customer care Service

Accel was founded by Arthur Patterson and Jim Swartz in the Year 1983. On the Louis Pasteur quote “Chance favors the prepared mind.” the co-founders developed an investment philosophy that requires deep focus, disciplined and informed approach for investing in Startup and other companies. The venture capital works with startups in seed, early and growth-stage investments. The firm works with seed, early and growth-stage investments. The firm has a separate growth capital investment fund that focuses on more developed companies that require a larger amount to expand their business.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Cloudera, Dropbox, Dropcam, Facebook, Flipkart,, Podium, Slack, and many more

Blum Venture

Asset under Managemen: – $150 Million

No. of Startup Funded:- 130+Startup

No. of company exit:- 22+Exit

Name of the Startup Funded:- Cashify, Exotel, Turtlemint, Railyatri, Locus, Unacademy and many more.

Blum Venture is started by Karthik and Sanjay in 2010 to fill the gap that had existed between Venture capital firm Investors and young entrepreneurs waiting for the fund to their startup in India.

Criteria For funding:

  • Invest Rs 3 – 7 Crs. for approx 20% stake in the startup.
  • Don’t seed fund, where Rs 1 – 3 Crs. Money required.
  • Don’t Invest in Large round of Rs 20 – 30 Crs. required for stake less than 15% in the startup.
  • Like to invest in the startup that has had some degree of user validation -Product in the market, at least 1 customer, etc.
  • Prefer to be the 1st investor for the startup having a strong technical background.
  • Startups which are solving unique Indian problem

Chiratae Venture

Asset Under Management:- $700 Million with 3 Office.

Startup Funded:- 190+ Startup, 2 IPO

Sector:-Financial Tech, Health Tech, Consumer Media & Technology, Software/SaaS

Special advisor:- Ratan Tata, Kris Gopal Krishnan, Bruno Raschle, Manish Choksi

Chiratae Ventures is a Banglore based venture capital firm in India. It was founded in the year 2006. The firm wants to invest in seed, early-stage, and growth-stage Startups in India. ‘Chiratae’ – denotes the leopard in the local language in India. Many members of the Chirate team are wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Chiratae word signifies LEADERSHIP, AGILITY, RISK-TAKER, INNOVATIVE, STRENGTH, STABLE of Chirate Venture team.

Name of the Startup Funded:-

YourQuote, Lenskart, Policy Bazaar, Myntra,, Flipkart, Eshakti, Credit Mantri,, and many more.

Venture East

Asset under Management:-$325 Million

No of Investment made:-100+

Year of Experience:-20

Sector Invested:- Technology, Healthcare, Education, Financial Service, and Clean Technology.

Venture East was established in the mid-’90s by a team of founders having rich entrepreneurial experience. The firm catalyzed the first effective privatization of a financial institution in India. Ventureast has dedicated funds and teams for every sector of the startup in India- life sciences startup & healthcare startup, and separately for technology-driven businesses startup. The Philosophy of the firm is to focus and invest in a rapidly growing startup in India that has competitive advantages.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Acko, Portea, Moengage, Kissht, Edge Networks,I Med X, Sresta’s 24 Mantra, Seclore, et

3one4 Capital

Number of Startups Funded:- 72

Lead Investment:-21

Sector:-Machine-driven actionable intelligence services, Enterprise automation, Ambient intelligence technologies, Consumer products, Fintech, Media with multi-lingual content generation, and Health sector.

The capital venture was founded by Pranav Pai in the year 2016. The Bangalore based venture capital prefer to invest in the early stage of the startup. The firm works in select market categories and invest in startups that are large, growing, and ready for unique products and services to provide the Indian consumer.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Darwinbox, ToneTag, Tracxn, YourStory, Licious, Faircent and many more.

Kalaari Capital

Asset Under Management:-$160 million

No. of Startups funded:-163 and most recent is Vakilsearch on May 21, 2020

No of lead investment:- 61 Startup

No of company Exits:-13 Startup

Sector:- Consumer Tech, Enterprise Tech, Fintech, Health Tech, and Supply chain logistics.

Kalaari Capital is a Bengaluru-based early-stage venture company founded by Vani Kola in the year 2006. The venture is mostly investing in technology-related Startups in India with their 16 current team members. They funded startup at all their stages that are Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed, that nurture them by assisting the startup team through every aspect and lead towards their success.

Name of the Startup Funded:- Snapdeal, Myntra, Curefit, Dream11, Elasticrun, Simplilearn, etc.

Sequoia Capital

No. of company-funded:-1334

No. of lead investment:- 476 Startup

No of Exits:-280 companies

Sector:- Consumer Tech, Enterprise Tech, Fintech, Health Tech, Mobile startup, Supply chain logistics, etc.

Sequoia Capital is an American venture capital firm founded by Don Valentine in the year 1972. The capital venture mainly focuses on the technology industry. The total value of the Startup backed by the venture now controls $1.4 trillion of combined stock market value. Sequoia Capital invests in both public and private companies. The company invested all the stages of private companies that are incubation, seed stage, startup stage, early-stage, and growth-stage of the companies.In March 2020, Sequoia Capital announced that it is opening a fundraiser for about $7bn for its latest set of venture capital funds to provide funds for the technology startups in the USA, China, India, and south-east Asia as a response to the coronavirus market damage.

Name of the Startup funded:- Apple, Byju’s, Truecaller, Practo, Linkedln, Prizm, Airbnb, MuSigma, Whatsapp, and many more famous startup in the world.

Saif Partners

Asset Under Management:- $1 Billion in India and $4 Billion worldwide

No. of company-funded:- 326

No. of lead investment:- 132 Startup

No. of Exits:- 36 companies

Sector:- Consumer Tech, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Industrial, Internets, IT service, Logistics, Mobile, and Saas.

SAIF Partners was started by Andrew Yen on 1 January 2001 as Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund with a $400 million fund. Cisco Systems and Softbank Group were the sole limited partner, and general partners, of the Saif Partners respectively.SAIF Partners is one of the most active venture capital in the country. The firm has offices in Bengaluru and Gurugram.

Name of the startups funded in early-stage: Book My Show, MakeMyTrip, FirstCry,, Paytm, Home Shop 18, Bobble, ZOVI, PropTiger, and many more.

Samma capital

Asset Under Management:- $1 Billion in India and $4 Billion worldwide

No of company-funded:- 50

No of lead investment:- 17 Startup

No. of Exits:-2 companies

Sector:- Both technology and Non-technology Samma Capital was founded by Ash Lilani and Suresh Sanmungham in the year 2012. The Venture capital prefers to fund the startups in early life a company that is diversified by stage of investment. Samma Capital fund startup in early and growth stage, and mainly at the seed stage. The initial investment capital of Samma Capital ranges between $1-3 million.

Name of the startups funded in early-stage: Intello Lab, Fisdom, Subh Loans, Homescreen Network, Kruzr, etc.Important criteria for investments :

  • A startup that focused on the India market
  • Experienced, Strong, and passionate management team
  • Innovative solution or approach for solving problems of the customer.
  • Long term growth opportunity of the startup.
  • The business model is money efficient.
  • Must have a detailed and well-thought execution plan.

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